Digital Marketing Specialist

at Peenjoogivabrik Nudist

Ok, let's get serious. We are looking for a digital marketing specialist, that 

1. appreciates humour,
2. has relevant skills (see below) and some experience,
3. fans Nudist, Rabarbra or this job ad.  

Our promise  

We will adapt to your expectations. Which means:  

1. We used to have dogs in our office/winery, so you can bring anyone but snakes.
2. We'll make sure there will be fresh fruits if that's what you are used to (at this point we only have a fridge, coffee machine and wine).
3. Fitness compensations, if that's what you are after.
4. Flexible hours and/or remote office - doable in your line of work.
5. Further training - as long as you are keen to learn.
6. Random team events - every once in a while.
7. [enter something important here]
8. Salary - starting point and growth pace according to your skills and ambition.
9. Share options - vesting in 3 years.
10. Other perks - all negotiable.


Please sort the following skills from your strongest to the weakest. Comment in between the list or down below to specify your favourite tools and/or relevant experience. We do not expect you to be a superhuman, we are just keen to learn your strengths.

Data Analysis; Writing and Editing; SEO and SEM; ListeningProject and time management; Email Marketing; CRM; Social Media; Paid Social Media Advertising; Paid Digital AdvertisingGraphic Design; Photography; Video; EcommerceAlcohol Advertising Restrictions.

Deadline for applying is 20th October, but the sooner the better.

24h support line: +372 56 947 157,

Applications Closed
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