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All candidates in one feed

Every job applicant ends up in a neat little feed with all their data, which you can sort, filter and search. It’s like magic. Or Excel.

Review with your co-workers

Jobkitten lets you share chosen job searches with colleagues to comment and review. Another great way to avoid talking to people in person!

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Collect applications anywhere

We give you a unique link for each application, which you can add to the job ad – that means no more looking for “that applicant with a degree in pole dancing” in your personal mailbox.

Works on your mobile

All of our key features are mobile-optimized, so you don’t need to download apps or anything. Don’t even worry about it, seriously.

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That’s awesome!
How much does it cost?

Not much. First ad is on us!

Unlimited companies. Unlimited candidates. Unlimited users.

9 €
single job opening
If you just need to publish one single position, this one is the way to go.
19 €
5 job openings
Our most popular option! Buy a few extra ads at a better price.
29 €
10 job openings
Choose this, if you're not playing around. The best per ad price for serious recruiters.