Where did it all start?

Martin on December 01, 2014

Like many business tools, Jobkitten started purring out of personal necessity - we got sick of bouncing resumes and comments around chat and e-mail.

Here's what we have had througout our professional careers:

– Small businesses to run
– Occasional sudden needs to hire someone yesterday
– Several colleagues to review applicants with
– Lots of applicants e-mailing at random times to our personal e-mails

And here's what we have never had:

– Any time whatsoever to handle all of this administrative shizzle
– Professional HR people to manage it all for us
– A need for some elaborate & expensive HR software, because we don't hire people every day

All of the above lead to us literally printing out 200 resumes and writing comments with Magic Markers, like it's freakin' 1998.

That's exactly the situation that Jobkitten aims to solve - give you back the time that you used spend manually separting the resumes of professional horsewhisperers applying for the job of SEO specialist.

Give Jobkitten a try right meow! It's dead simple.

Kair & Martin,
founders of Jobkitten